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Plush Prices :)

My plush prices :)

Filly/Colt/Chibi Plush
Height- 6 to 8 Inches
Length- 5 t0 6 Inches

Canon MLP Prices:
:bulletpurple:Sweetie Belle- 35
:bulletpurple:Scootaloo- 30
:bulletpurple:Applebloom (With bow)- 35
:bulletpurple:Babs Seed- 40
:bulletpurple:Rainbow Dash- 40
:bulletpurple:Pinkie Pie- 30
:bulletpurple:Twilight Sparkle- 40
:bulletpurple:Fluttershy- 30
:bulletpurple:Rarity- 30
:bulletpurple:Applejack (Without hat)- 30
:bulletpurple:Princess Celestia- 35
:bulletpurple:Princess Luna- 35
For prices on other characters please send me a message.

Mare Style Pony
Height- 9 to 11 Inches
Length- 7 to 10 Inches

Canon MLP Prices:
:bulletblue:Rainbow Dash- 60
:bulletblue:Applejack (Without hat)- 50
:bulletblue:Twilight Sparkle- 55
:bulletblue:Fluttershy- 50
:bulletblue:Pinkie Pie- 50
:bulletblue:Rarity- 50
:bulletblue:Derpy- 50
For prices on other characters please send me a message.

Stallion Style Plush
Height- 10 to 12 Inches
Length- 8 to 10 Inches

Canon MLP Prices:
:bulletgreen:Braeburn (With hat and waistcoat and )- 60
:bulletgreen:Shining Armor- 55
:bulletgreen:Big Mac (No accessories)- 50
For prices on other characters please send me a message.

Shoulder Style Plush
Height- 5 to 6 Inches
Length- 12 to 13 Inches

Canon MLP Prices:
:bulletyellow:Pinkie Pie- 40
:bulletyellow:Rainbow Dash- 50
:bulletyellow:Rarity- 40
:bulletyellow:Twilight Sparkle- 45
:bulletyellow:Fluttershy- 40
:bulletyellow:Applejack (Without hat)- 40
:bulletyellow:Princess Luna- 40-45
:bulletyellow:Derpy- 40

Non-Pony Prices-
:bulletyellow:Espeon- 40
:bulletyellow:Umbreon- 40
For prices on other characters please send me a message.

Life-Size Baby Pony Style Plush/Chibi Style Plush
Height- 11 to 13 Inches

:bulletorange:Price varies upon creature/pony/character you would like, prices start from- 60

Individual Plush Prices:
:bulletred:Queen Chrysalis 65
Height- 17 to 18 Inches
Length- 9 to 10 Inches.

:bulletpink:Princess Celestia and Luna are prices upon order as I have not previously made them in a larger size.

Please do not tell me my prices are unreasonable or expensive I put in an average of 8-20 hours into each plush. They take a lot of time and effort to make.

I have no ownership over the characters I make, my plushies are all fan-made.



:bulletpurple:I have changed my mind about a plush can I get a refund?
I can only give you a 50% refund on a non OC plush due to the costs of materials and such. I cannot give any kind of refund on any OC plush.

:bulletblue:How much does _____ cost?
Please check out my Price List above, if you cannot find your answer there then please send me a message. :)

:bulletgreen:Can I have your pattern?
I am afraid the pattern is not mine to sell I purchased them from ValleyViolet. If you would like the pattern I use please check out ValleyViolet on Etsy as she sells her patterns there.

:bulletyellow:Will you make me a free plush/do a trade/make me a plush for points?
I do not accept payment through points, I only accept payment via real currency only. I also do not make plushies for free. I am not currently open for trades either.

:bulletorange:How can I pay you?
I take payment via Paypal only, once we have confirmed and agreed the prices of your plush and your decision to commission me I will give you my paypal address so you may make the payment. Please send under ‘for family/friends’ and not under ‘payment for goods/services’ so that I may receive the full amount you are paying.

:bulletred:How much is _____ in my currency?
Please send me a message and I will work it out for you.

:bulletpink:How much is postage to____?
Please send me a message for a quote as postage varies.

:bulletpurple: I've changed my mind can I get a refund?
I am afraid I cannot give refunds for OC plush commissions. However I can give a small refund, less than half the original plush price, depending on how far I have gotten in making the plush when you change your mind.

Have any questions? Feel free to message me :iconkawaiifaceplz:



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Dapple Heart Plush
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Commission waiting list/progress :D
:bulletgreen: Harrie (Fb) 2 OC's
:bulletgreen: Andy (Fb) Brown ears and horn.

Personal Projects:
:bulletpink: Princess Luna
:bulletpurple: Chrysalis
:bulletpink: King Sombra
:bulletpurple: Baby Sombra
:bulletpink: Chinchompa
Hi there! Welcome to Dapple Heart Plush. I create and make high quality fan-made plushies for individuals of all ages. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any queries or would like a quote but please check out the FAQ and price list section too as your question may already be answered there! :)

My plushies are mainly machine sewn with a few hand sewn details such as the eyes and cutie marks etc. (You will find on my older plush I used iron on transfers for these.) I use minky/cuddlesoft fabric for my plush and high quality stuffing. I make my plushies in a pet-free and smoke-free environment so they are safe for pet allergy sufferers and from the smell of smoke. Each plush is unique due to it’s handsewn extra details and such. My plushies come in a wide range of sizes and styles and are not limited to ponies so if you would like a non-pony plush then let me know, I may be able to make it! :) For more info on prices and my plushie creations in general please check out the price and FAQ sections below. :D


:iconequestria-plushies: :iconmy-little-pony-hama: :iconplushie-kingdom: :iconseraphimplushies:


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